Maple Sausage Cinnamon Roll Bundles

Cinnamon roll bundles are a sweet breakfast treat with a savory center. For this easy cinnamon rolls recipe, cinnamon roll dough is wrapped around maple flavored breakfast sausage, then baked until golden. Drizzled with maple syrup, these cinnamon roll bundles are a semi-homemade, easy-to-make treat for breakfast or brunch.


  • 6 cinnamon rolls, unbaked
  • 12 cooked breakfast sausage links


  • Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Place a silicone baking mat or piece of parchment paper onto a baking sheet.
  • Open the cinnamon rolls, separating each roll and unrolling the dough into one long strip. Use a knife to cut each cinnamon roll strip into two equal sized pieces. Wrap each sausage link with one piece of dough, keeping the cinnamon filling on the inside of each bundle. Then pick up any of the cinnamon filling that falls off and press it onto the outside of the unbaked bundles.
  • Place the pan with the bundles into the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the dough is golden brown.
  • Remove pan from the oven and serve the warm sausage stuffed cinnamon rolls with a side of cream cheese frosting or maple syrup for dipping.
  • Makes 12 bundles.

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